There are several ways to spot scam Bitcoin sites. Many of these fake bitcoin exchanges are similar to phishing websites. While they look like legitimate exchanges, they’re simply a front for fraudulent sites that steal consumers’ money. These fake sites may entice you with promotional offers or pressurize you to register and make a large deposit. Then, they charge outrageous fees and make withdrawals very difficult. In short, these sites are not real.

The first way to tell if a website is a scam is to check the URL. Some questionable exchanges look like legitimate ones, but they use social engineering to lure victims. The URLs may be different than those of a legitimate exchange, or they might use fake URLs that begin with the letter o. The URLs should be double-checked and entered exactly as they appear on the site. A legitimate site will be able to identify a scam.

There are many red flags that you should watch for when spotting a fake Bitcoin exchange. HTTPS encryption is a key indicator of a legitimate site, while a website that uses HTTPS should not imitate popular Bitcoin wallets. You should also ask fellow bitcoin investors about the wallets on the forum or on the bitcoin reddit. Lastly, if you download a client from a site, you should check for malware. VirusTotal is a great resource for checking executables.