Oil Change Scams

Oil change scams are a common occurrence in lube shops. They include upsells and unnecessary services. While most lube shops follow the laws, there are a few that are notorious for their unethical practices. Here are some tips to avoid getting ripped off: Know your car’s oil filter. Before your oil change, check your owner’s manual to make sure that […]

Avoid Oil Trade Scams

You can avoid oil trade scams by following these simple tips. First of all, never invest money in oil. This is because every investment carries risk. This is especially true when it comes to investing in gas and oil. While these investments seem legitimate, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks and how to protect yourself. Scammers use the […]

Scam Oil Suppliers

Scam oil suppliers can make millions by defrauding customers by using various tricks. The most common method used by unscrupulous companies is to pad the truck with dirty recycled motor oils. These types of oil do not perform well, and they can even smell bad. Another trick involves disabling the air bleed valve on the truck. The air bubbles are […]

Scam Oil Trade

The scam oil trade involves using fictitious companies and government agencies to make a profit. The fake websites may be for a law firm, shipping company, or tank terminal. Potential victims will often receive fake documents in the mail as further inducements to do business with them. These frauds typically request a large advance payment before delivering the oil. If […]

Oil Trade Scam Companies

Oil trade scam companies are a dime a dozen. The most common scheme involves fraudulently offering to import crude oil from a foreign country. The con artists set up bogus websites for imaginary companies, including a government, law firm, and tank terminal. They then convince the investor to send their money to their bank account in exchange for a 30% […]