Romance Fraud Support

Many people fall victim to romance scams and are unable to cope with the fallout. These scams are designed to lure the unsuspecting victim into parting with their money. A common scam tactic is to establish a rapport with the victim and then use a variety of techniques to convince them to send money. In many cases, romance scammers may […]

Ponzi Scams

Ponzi schemes are a common type of investment fraud. The investors in these schemes are promised high rates of return, but the scheme only works if new investors keep investing money and pay off the earlier investor pool. In other words, the more money the top tier of investors get, the more money the bottom tier gets. While the new […]

Credit Card Chargeback

A credit card chargeback occurs when a consumer disputes a charge that was made on their card. In these cases, the issuer contacts the merchant’s bank or acquirer and requests more information. The issuer will also pay a fee, typically $20 to $100. The business can either agree to the chargeback or contest it. To fight a claim, the business […]

Oil Traders Scam List

The oil trade is a lucrative industry, but the risks of fraud are high. Some oil traders take advantage of the volatile price of gas and make outrageous claims to lure unsuspecting investors. Even though these investments can bring substantial profits, it’s never safe. Investing in the oil and gas industry is not completely risk-free. There are many frauds out […]

Oil Traders Top List

Many investors have chosen to invest in the oil industry because of the high liquidity of the oil market. Traders must determine which type of oil to buy, and whether to buy a derivative product or an exchange-traded product. Their decisions should be guided by market fundamentals, supply and demand, technical indicators, and fundamentals of the oil market. The following […]