Crude prices are heading for a massive fall, and a huge amount of money is riding on a small group of funds. Although the oil market is notoriously volatile, the USO has made significant gains in recent weeks. Its shares were trading at more than $2 a share on April 28 and were nearly at their peak that day. But the situation may be getting worse before it gets better. Here’s what you should do now to prevent yourself from being one of those investors.

The USO exchange-traded fund (USO) has made some changes to its structure. It will now invest in various oil futures contracts, which is one of its stated purposes. The fund has already moved money into the oil contract for August delivery, which is a big plus for those who are already heavily exposed to the price. It has also attracted hundreds of thousands of new investors. However, there are risks involved. You should be prepared for the fact that USO may not be able to recover from these losses if the oil contract falls below its target value.

The USO has become vulnerable to oil prices falling below its forecast. While oil producers are motivated to pump gasoline quickly, the fund structure could deviate from its stated purpose. As a result, the USO may be more vulnerable to the collapse of oil prices. And, even if the oil trade fund does recover, it may still be too late to recover. This is why it is crucial to have a plan for when the prices go down.