Oil delivery scams have been around for decades. They’ve cheated consumers, businesses, and the government. Last year, a New York City government investigation found that the city was paying $30 million a year in fuel oil scams. The problem is that clever trucking companies have invented special hardware to increase their profits. One Brooklyn company installed a secret hose that diverted the oil back into the tanker, which inflated its profit.

Scammers typically approach targets via email or by phone. They rarely approach people face-to-face. They typically promise large returns at little risk, but disappear after taking their money. Here are four tips to spot and avoid oil scams. Read on to learn more about oil investment frauds. Just remember that a small percentage of your income is worth millions. Ultimately, you need to invest in a company that can produce substantial returns.

Scammers are clever and have several ways to con you out of your money. Many scam artists offer oil and gas investments for a small fee. You may think these offers are great, but the truth is that they’re not. Typically, these unscrupulous individuals approach targets through email or telephone. They often promise high returns at low risk, but they usually disappear soon after taking your money. This type of scam is one of the most common.